Smoked Sturgeon – 80g


Vacuum Packed ~ Store at between 0 to +2 deg. C

Vacuumed on BOARD

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The sturgeon has a unique taste and a texture to relish.

Its prehistoric skeletal structure has one great advantage for the modern diner – a barely noticeable amount of bones in the flesh.

The best sturgeon has a fresh nutty flavour and a light aroma.

Of over twenty species of sturgeon, by and large only three are sources of caviar and can also be offered as a smoked delicacy.

Each has an individual flavour: the beluga has a profound meaty taste; the oscietra has a strong flavour reminiscent of freshly roasted almonds and the sevruga a characteristic slightly spicy flavour.

The sturgeon at Princesse d’Isenbourg is first fished exclusively from the Caspian Sea, where it is then immediately and delicately smoked/

Vacuum Packed ~ Lightly Smoked Pre-Sliced

Store between 0 to +2 deg. C

Vacuumed on BOARD ~ 80g

Allergy Information: Contains: FISH


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