Our History

How it began

The Journey

Princesse d’Isenbourg et Cie  was established in 1985 as one of the EU’s finest Food Companies ~ We are providers of comestibles of the highest order to prestigious five Star Hotels, renowned Restaurants, Cruise  Liners, prominent Airlines, International Wholesalers and to an astute ‘high-profile’ international Private Clientele ~ Our main commercial activities however remain strongly Export orientated.

We are proud to say that our Chairman, the Princesse d’Isenbourg, is our Corporate Figure-Head and she is also a member of the European Royal Families ~ Our Company has been resident throughout in sizeable Freehold Premises, in a Cul-de-Sac a stone-throw from London’s Holland Park Avenue and within the ROYAL BOROUGH of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA ~ During our periodic Corporate Functions, we are fortunate in being able to make available ample grounds for private parking to accommodate in excess of twenty vehicles.

Recent additions and acquisitions have much enhanced our existing Corporate ‘Provision’ Portfolio.

~ Our main endeavour has always been to produce, source and supply comestibles from the very pinnacle of the larder chain ~


The Chairman

Treasures of the Caspian Sea

Between the late 80’s and 90’s, Princesse d’Isenbourg had been awarded the accolade to work directly with “SHILAT”, the official Iranian Fisheries Organisation, and became their sole UK distribution agent for Shilat’s Iranian Caviar. Only the finest Caviar deserves the Princesse d’Isenbourg label.

Caviar is the roe from the sturgeon, the world’s most valuable fish. Their naturally protected surroundings have helped them to be shielded from evolution of millions of years. The Caspian Sea has remained deep and warm with the sturgeon perhaps our only link to the stimulating, generous tastes and flavours known to our distant ancestors.